About İddaa European Betting Odds

iddaa european betting odds

It is a known fact that most of the betting sites broadcasting from abroad originate from European countries. These companies provide betting services to many countries, including our country. If we look at it from the perspective of our country’s betting players, the most preferred reason for foreign betting sites is the high betting European betting rates . We can say with peace of mind that foreign live betting platforms offer their customers the advantage of betting at much higher rates than official betting sites such as İddaa, Nesine, Tuttur.

İddaa Europe Betting Odds

Live betting sites, which are based in Europe and broadcast to the whole world with the Malta Gaming Authority or Curacao license, offer their members bets with high betting european betting rates, very advantageous bonus campaigns and live casino options for the user. So, what is the reason why foreign sites place bets with such high odds? The reason for this is very clear. The main centers of foreign betting sites are countries known as tax havens in the world. These include countries such as Malta and Costa Rica. Therefore, these companies pay taxes at very low rates. Especially if we compare it with the betting sites in our country, we can say that official internet companies are left behind in the betting industry due to the high rates of taxes they have to pay to the state.

Why Are Iddaa Europe Betting Odds Different?

The betting odds of all money-making betting sites are not the same. The European betting market, as in other areas, is based on a free market economy dominated by liberal views. In this context, companies offer high betting european betting odds by taking advantage of the tax advantages we mentioned.

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When comparing odds on betting sites, certain methods are used by experts on the subject. The most frequently used method is to compare the odds given by different live betting sites for the most popular matches in European leagues. This comparison generally gives an idea about which sites give higher rates than others.

Effect of Service Providers on Betting Odds

Another reason for the difference between the betting odds of the sites, which are known as the most preferred and money-making betting sites by Turkish bettors, is the service providers. The odds offered by companies that work with service providers with a solid financial structure are always higher than other betting companies.

For example, sites operate under the umbrella of Pronet Gaming and Bet Games service provider companies. The odds given by these betting companies for the matches are generally high. The strong financial structure of Pronet Gaming and Bet Games companies has a great impact on this.

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Low Betting Odds

If we examine the issue statistically, we think you can better understand why the betting odds are reduced in some cases. Namely, each betting site makes some calculations when determining match odds. We can generally call these calculations risk-reward calculations. If the probability of winning a match increases, the odds given for that match are accordingly reduced. In other words, the riskier the situation, the higher the rate. Situations such as sudden injuries or the form of the team, suspended players, the importance of the match for both teams are the main factors that affect the odds.

Some betting sites create a separate section for their members for matches whose odds decrease during the day. Users show the matches with decreasing rates on a separate page of the site. They can earn very good profits by betting on these matches. Our recommendation is that you should check whether the site you are betting on has a separate section for matches with decreasing odds. You can try your luck in these matches with iddaa european betting odds by seeing all the matches with decreasing odds.