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You can deposit money quickly and easily on live betting sites thanks to mobile payment transactions. Moreover, betting sites that are open to mobile payment method are betting sites that secure your account information and personal information with the most up-to-date encryption systems for security reasons. You can quickly deposit and withdraw money with the mobile payment systems available on live betting sites that work with the SSL encryption system, and try your luck in betting games with peace of mind without worrying about security.

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How are Mobile Payments Made on Live Betting Sites?

Live betting sites, which are not allowed to operate legally in our country, provide uninterrupted service to Turkish bettors through mobile payment systems in order to avoid being exposed to the access restrictions imposed by the Informatics and Technology Authority. You can make deposits and withdrawals at any time of the day from betting sites that allow mobile payment.

Our site instantly provides the updated login addresses of foreign betting sites to its users. You can continue to bet without interruption by clicking on the current login addresses of live betting sites with mobile applications on our site.

Live Betting Sites Mobile Payment Process Steps

Let us explain step by step how to deposit money to your mobile payment betting site accounts using the mobile payment method. First of all, let’s go to the company’s current login address by clicking on the companies on our website, where we have included analyzes of the betting world. All the betting companies we have mentioned are reliable companies that accept mobile payments.

solid betting sitesThere are many fraudulent people and sites in the betting world. Therefore, we strongly recommend that those who will place bets on live betting sites with mobile applications access the betting sites through the current login addresses we have published on our site. “Sign Up” sections are located at the top of almost all of the betting sites you log into. You can access the membership form by clicking the “Sign Up” button. It is important that you fill in the information requested from you correctly in the membership form for the security of your betting account. Please note that the live betting sites and mobile payment companies in our lists never share your personal and account information with third parties.

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Live Support Lines

After completing all these transactions, all you need to do is to tell live support that you want to make your payment via mobile. Mobile payment betting site live support lines are usually located in the bottom right corner of the sites. You should connect to the live support line in this section and forward your mobile payment request to the customer representative. After your request, the customer representative will send a link to your phone. When you click on this link on your mobile phone, you will be directed to the Google Play Store or IOS application. Download the application to your phone by clicking on it in the mobile market. Then, find and open the live betting sites mobile payment application you downloaded on the screen of your mobile device. If you encounter any problems during this incident , you can get help from the live support line.

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Buy Life

We found that the mobile payment applications we tried were generally designed as a calculator or a game. When you open the application, you often see the option to buy lives. This of course varies from site to site. However, we can say that most of the mobile payment applications of the betting sites examined by our analysis team have such a design.

When you click on the purchase button, you will be given some options about how much money to deposit. The system works as follows. For example, the amount of lives you will get for 10 TL will be 5 lives. You want to deposit 20 TL to the site, so the amount of lives you will receive will be 10. In this way, you can transfer money to the mobile betting site by choosing which method you will send money to. You can make your payments either by credit card or bank transfer, or by reflecting them on your phone bill.