Which are the Betting Sites that Give Bonus Money: Here is That List!

Betting sites that give bonus money, which are well known to betting lovers, are growing more and more every day. Of course, they owe this growth to their users. They can give a lot of bonuses to both retain betting enthusiasts and gain new users.

So, which bonuses attract betting lovers? We have listed the most preferred bonus types for you.

  • First sign up bonus.
  • Highly profitable trial bonus for those who want to try the betting site.
  • Loss compensation gift for those who have lost money after playing games.
  • Bring a friend gift money for those who invite their friends to these sites.
  • Special weekly bonuses.
  • The investment bonus you will earn when you deposit money.

The list goes on and on. These types of gifts are constantly updated. Sometimes it is possible to receive bonuses as high as 6 thousand TL. In addition to all these, if the betting sites that give bonuses are reliable, there is no obstacle for you to have fun and win.

Illegal betting sites that give bonuses

Betting Sites Giving Bonus Money To Whom Do They Give Bonuses?

Live betting sites that give bonuses make absolutely no discrimination. It is sometimes thought that bonuses are given only to special customers or certain people. However, those who are over the age of 18 and have no obstacles to bet can benefit from these bonus campaigns.

Reliable illegal betting sites treat everyone equally, no matter what. This is the biggest reason why they are called reliable. For example, let’s take the 2000 TL bonus given by Mobilbahis to all first registered users. To benefit from these bonuses, simply register after logging in to the official website of the betting company. So you don’t need to have any extra features. In addition, even if you win a lot while playing games on the betting site, you will still be given bonuses.

There is a very important detail that we recommend you pay attention to on betting sites. While some bonuses are given with wagering requirements, some are offered to users without any wagering requirements.

Betting sites that give bonus money

Conversion Requirement for Live Betting Sites with Trial Bonus

When live betting sites give bonuses, they usually state that there is a wagering requirement or no wagering requirement. So what is this turnover requirement?

Rollover requirement on betting sites: If any betting site you have registered with requires a wagering requirement while giving you a bonus, this means that they want you to play games. For example, if betting sites that give bonus money say it is a trial bonus with wagering requirements, they will ask you to spend this bonus in games.

Let’s examine the conversion conditions with an example. Let’s say you have just registered on betting sites that give bonuses. Imagine that they give you a bonus of 800 TL for registering. If they request a wagering requirement, you have to spend this 800 TL by preparing a betting coupon or playing casino games. All the amount you earn from this bonus remains in your account.

Betting sites that give bonus money

Sites That Give Bonuses Without Wagering Conditions

Betting sites that give bonusesNow it’s time for betting sites that do not require any wagering requirements. Some users may constantly ask questions about what a no-wager bonus means. Generally, betting sites require wagering requirements. For this reason, acyclic ones may seem a little strange. Live betting sites that offer wagering-free bonuses distribute gift money to all betting lovers without requiring any gaming requirements. Of course, these amounts are often small. For example, companies such as Tipobet or Asyabahis can give non-refundable bonuses between 20 – 40 TL. Of course, there are also sites that give very high amounts of gift money, such as a 9 thousand TL non-refundable bonus. However, it must be said that they are not very reliable.

We tried to convey all the details about “betting sites that give bonus money”. If you have not found a reliable betting site yet or you are confused, we recommend you to review our other articles.