How Does It Happen to Bet With Bitcoin?

The use of Bitcoin, which we consider within the scope of cryptocurrencies, is becoming increasingly common in money transactions. While performing our financial transactions using virtual money seemed like a dream until a couple of years ago, using Bitcoin has now become both a payment and an income. In our article, we examined the subject of betting with bitcoin .

betting with bitcoin

Legal Betting Sites Betting with Bitcoin

There are two different methods of betting for bettors in our country. The first is to bet on channels that are accepted as legal by the state, and the second is to bet on foreign-based betting sites that are unofficial, that is, illegal. Sites accepted as legal by the state; While there are a limited number of sites such as Nesine, Tuttur, Misli, İddaa, Bilyoner, Oley, birebin, we have a lot of options as foreign betting sites. From time to time, our readers ask us questions such as whether there are betting sites that work with bitcoin among the official sites. First of all, if we need to clarify this issue, there are no betting sites that work with bitcoin among the official betting sites of the state. Local betting sites generally carry out money transactions using the bank transfer method.

Betting Sites That Accept Bitcoin

Foreign betting sites that serve Turkish bettors online from abroad use many alternative methods for depositing and paying money. One of these methods is the new generation currency Bitcoin. Bitcoin, in short, BTC, is a completely independent virtual electronic currency that is not affiliated with any official or private bank. Bitcoin is not a currency controlled by any center. Both those who produce Bitcoin and everyone who transfers it are naturally a part of this system. Betting with Bitcoin is a very advantageous, profitable and reliable method, especially for players.

The value of the traditional currencies we currently use is determined by the reserve status and commodity value in the gold and silver market. Bitcoin value is determined completely differently from the gold and silver market. With Bitcoin, you are not affected by the ups and downs in inflation. Due to the advantageous structure of Bitcoin, betting sites investing with Bitcoin have recently entered the market.

betting with bitcoin

Things to Follow for Betting with Bitcoin

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, betting with bitcoin is a privilege only offered by foreign sites. If you want to benefit from this privilege, you must first become a member of foreign betting sites. What we will pay attention to after your membership is Bitcoin lower and upper limits. You cannot make deposits and withdrawals outside of these lower and upper limits. Lower and upper limits may differ between betting sites investing with bitcoin.

Contrary to popular belief, depositing money with Bitcoin is a very easy process. After logging in to the site where you will place your bets, you will see the “Deposit Transactions” menu. You can easily make your investment by clicking on the Bitcoin option. In addition, transactions made with Bitcoin are carried out within a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 minutes. You can perform this process not only from the desktop site but also through mobile applications.

mobilbahis online betting site

Mobilbahis Online Betting Site

Mobilbahis company, which offers its members many options regarding payment methods, accepts investment transactions with Bitcoin. You can exchange a minimum of 50 TL and a maximum of 20,000 TL at a time.

Youwin Online Betting Site

Youwin online betting site operates under the name Hepsibahis in our country. You can invest with a lower limit of 10 Euros and an upper limit of 15,000 Euros at a time.

Bets10 Online Betting Site

Bets10 company is one of the oldest companies providing betting services to Turkey. In addition, the site where you can invest safely using Bitcoin offers the opportunity to bet with other cryptocurrencies in addition to betting with Bitcoin.