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betting sites trial bonus

Betting site trial bonus campaigns are a type of bonus that has emerged in recent years. This campaign is carried out to attract more users through betting sites that give bonuses. In other words, no betting site gives away money for free. Their main purpose is to attract users, that is, members. That’s why this money is distributed for advertising purposes. It is a campaign that has come to the fore as there are many betting sites that give bonuses in the market and they are constantly offering more profitable opportunities. Especially new live betting sites are used to advertise themselves and to ensure that the quality of the site is tested by the bettors themselves. With these features, while betting sites offer trial bonuses, they are seen as a gateway for bettors to make risk-free bets, find the site that suits them, and earn money.

How Much is the Highest Betting Sites Trial Bonus?

Trial bonus, which is one of the campaigns of live betting sites that give bonuses, is given at much lower rates than other bonuses. Bonuses, which were initially given between 5 and 10 TL, have increased up to 20 TL in recent years. However, it is still very low compared to the first membership bonuses given up to 2,000 TL.

The highest betting sites trial bonus campaigns were 20 TL in 2020. Apart from this, although it is said that higher free bonus campaigns are offered by a few unreliable sites, unfortunately, bonuses are not given to bettors after registration. Therefore, the highest free trial bonus that can be received is 20 TL. Although it is considered low, it is preferred because it is completely free and risk-free. So much so that in recent years, hundreds of thousands of Turkish bettors have been looking for live betting sites that offer trial bonuses. The most important reason for this is that you can receive these bonuses by simply registering and without having to deposit any money. You can find the ones that you have not registered among the live betting sites that give trial bonuses and evaluate these campaigns by becoming a member.

Betting sites that give free bonuses

How to Easily Convert Betting Sites Trial Bonus into Cash?

Everyone can benefit from betting site trial bonus campaigns once. The free trial bonus added to your account after you register for the first time is money that can be used within the site. Although it is used on the site no different from real money, certain conditions must be met in order to withdraw the betting site trial bonus and the winnings earned with the bonus. In general, these conditions are called wagering conditions because they are the conditions set for the bonus to be converted into cash. Here are the things you need to pay attention to in order to convert the trial bonuses you receive from betting sites that offer registration bonuses into easy money:

  • Choose bonuses with low wagering numbers. The number mentioned, such as 5, 10, 15 times, is a conversion number. Here you are asked to use the specified multiple of the bonus you receive in games. For example, on a site that wants you to convert your 20 TL bonus 20 times, you must bet 400 TL. In other words, the total deposited amount of the coupons you play should be 400 TL. For this reason, the lower the turnover number of betting sites that give bonuses upon registration, the better.
  • The minimum betting rate and the minimum number of matches in the coupon should suit your betting habits. Your habits are important here rather than more or less. Because while some people like to play bets and single matches, some prefer to make combined coupons. Therefore, you need to evaluate your personal habits and decide accordingly.
  • Sites with high bonus amounts can help you earn more. High bonus amount means more earnings. However, you also need to consider the wagering conditions here.

How to easily convert betting site trial bonus into cash?

By paying attention to the points mentioned above, you can easily turn betting site trial bonus campaigns into cash. All you have to do is evaluate the rules according to your own betting and gaming habits and decide accordingly. Remember that just as everyone is different, everyone’s gaming and betting habits are also different. Therefore, what is good for one may be bad for another.

What are the Betting Sites Trial Bonus Types?

Betting sites’ trial bonus campaigns are carried out in different ways. There are different types of free bonuses on different sites, depending on the amount, withdrawal and usage areas. Here, we group the campaigns according to their usage areas and shooting conditions. In general, the campaign types of sites that give trial bonuses can be grouped as follows:

  • Casino trial bonus
  • free spins
  • free bet
  • No-wager trial bonus

Let’s examine the above campaigns one by one and see which sites offer the best bonuses.

What is Free Spin and Casinos Giving Free Spins

Free spin is simply a type of free bonus that can be used in slot games. Players can use each free spin they earn as a wager in slot games. In this way, everyone can play slot games, the simplest game of chance in the world, for free. It is equal to the minimum wagering amount in a free spin slot game. For example, in a slot game where free spins are used, if the minimum wager is 1 TL, 100 free spins correspond to a wager worth 100 TL. Free pins are given in the market, especially by casino sites that give bonuses. The list of casinos that offer the most profitable free spins in the world as follows:

  • Casino Maxi
  • Casino Metropol
  • Bets10
  • Mobilbahis
  • Jetbahis
  • Anatolia Casino
  • Jetbahis
  • Rexbet

You can earn free spins in different ways from all of the above companies. You can get free spins as a trial bonus, especially from Discount casino.

Sites Giving Free Betting

Sites that offer free bets are generally companies focused on sports betting. Just as free spins are for slot games, free bets are for sports betting. Players can make coupons with the free bet they receive. If the coupon does not work, there will be no loss as there will be no deposited amount. Therefore, sites that offer free bets also offer risk-free coupons for players. However, when using sites that offer free bets, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the conditions. Because most companies do not allow the free bet right to be divided. In other words, players can make a coupon with all the free bets they win. They cannot divide. Apart from this, another point is that the money will be deposited into your account as a bonus since you win a free bet. There may also be other similar conditions. For this reason, we recommend our readers to read the campaign rules thoroughly. Finally, the most notable brand of free betting sites in the market is Bets10.

Are There Any Sites That Give Trial Bonuses Without Wagering?

Although it is said that there are trial bonuses without wagering requirements, unfortunately we have not come across such sites yet. As it is known, the trial bonus is a campaign given after the first registration. Therefore, it poses a risk for sites. Accordingly , there are sites that give trial bonuses such as 20 TL, 30 TL and 50 TL. In other words, it is a bonus offered in a low amount compared to many other campaigns. This being the case, it is also a risky campaign for sites to offer offline. As a result, betting sites offer different campaigns as trial bonuses and players can benefit from these campaigns only if they register for the first time.